Compliance Wallet

We Make Investing Easy for Users
and Compliant For You

Our Compliance Wallet™ is a compliant, easy to use token wallet that was designed from the ground up to support compliance regulations.  Our patent-pending wallet is the only wallet with compliance functionality built-in to ensure compliance is accurate and reliable.  OMINEX also supports multiple regulations, so you can confidently sell tokens worldwide under many jurisdictions using Compliance Engine™.


The OMINEX Compliance ERC20 Wallet works on the web, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Safe Private Keys

We can't see your private keys, so we don't control funds at any time. This keeps us and our customers as safe as possible.


We built KYC, accreditation, e-signing, and a worldwide Compliance Engine™ into our software for the best compliance on the market.

Recognizes All Tokens

We support Bitcoin and all ERC20 compatible tokens  and will be adding support for more currencies soon.

Payment Methods

Pay in dollars, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or many other currencies via our built-in exchange. You can also transfer crypto to other users by email address.


Add our Compliance Wallet to your existing token sales page and use your own logo and URL.