Security Tokens

Industry Leading Compliance

We can help you launch United States offerings under Regulation D 506 (c), which allows general solicitation but requires all investors to be accredited, and Regulation S for international users .  We also provide Regulation A+ (up to $50M raise) and Regulation CF (up to $1.07M) support.

Compliance Features

 Compliance Engine

Compliance Engine is engineered to comply with multiple regulations (195 worldwide) and lets you manage the different regulations of countries worldwide. Click here for an overview of country regulations.

 Know Your Customer (KYC)

We offer a comprehensive KYC/AML services.  
Click here for more info.

 Investor Accreditation

Choose when and where you want to verify your investors' accreditation. We offer several methods to accredit investors using built-in forms, templates for download, or 3rd party providers.

 Document Signing

We have built document signing into the investment process so that investors can easily finish the purchase process.

 Compliance Oracle

Make sure your smart contract executes compliant security token sales with our patent pending Compliance Oracle technology.

 Residency Requirements

OMINEX can limit your token sales to residents of certain countries using profile and IP based restrictions. Don't let users signup if their country is restricted.

Regulations We Support

Regulation D 506 C

Regulation D exempts private placement offerings under 506(c), which was adopted on September 23, 2013. Companies relying on the Rule 506 exemptions can raise an unlimited amount of money from the general public using advertising, but can only sell to accredited investors.

Regulation A+

Offer securities online publicly where accredited investors can invest unlimited amounts and others can invest up to 10% of their net income or net worth, with a $50M limit per company.

Regulation CF

Offer securities online publicly to individuals with no accreditation for up to $2000 per year, or the lesser of 10% of their net income or net worth, with a limit of $1,070,000 per company.


We are adding support for countries worldwide as fast as possible.   Contact us for details.

General Features

 Social Media Ready

Manage “One Click Sign Up” from popular social media networks. (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter). Share projects easily with a sharing bar after checkout.

 Professional Support

Our team of experts is ready to provide live support when you need us. Whether it’s technical or launch related, OMINEX’s support team is here to provide guidance when you need it.


Automatic transactional emails to send appropriate portal and project updates with ease. COMING SOON: Customize your HTML emails with your logo/branding.

 Mobile Ready

Whether your users use a tablet, smartphone, or PC, users will always have the ideal crowdfunding experience. Our default theme was designed from the ground up to be ready for any device using Bootstrap.