Simple Agreement for Future Tokens

We make it easy to raise capital

OMINEX fully supports SAFTs ( a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens), a fast and simple way to raise funds to eventually launch a token sale.  Using our SAFT solution, you can use a standard Reg D. 506 (C) offering for accredited investors to raise funds for a utility or security token. No tokens are issued, so no smart contract is needed to get started, just a website, whitepaper, and SAFT agreement.

If you have a website and whitepaper in the works, it's time to talk to us and start fundraising!                   

SAFT Legal Template

The SAFT Project provides a template legal document for offering a SAFT, so it just needs a review by a lawyer if you keep things simple.   OMINEX works with many leading attorneys and can help you get your documents professionally reviewed.  

Our SAFT solution is based on the pioneering work done by Marco Santori at Cooley (a law firm). To learn more about SAFTs, click here.

Turnkey Online Solution

The OMINEX SAFT solution is compliant with U.S. Regulation D 506(c) and includes everything you need to meet U.S. regulatory requirements; including KYC, investor accreditation, and document signing. You can also sell to international investors using Reg. S, we make it easy with our all-in-one platform.

No Smart Contracts Needed

Our SAFT is a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens and does not need a smart contract or token issuance. It is a legal agreement to sell tokens in the future to the SAFT holders, usually at a discount.

Accept Fiat or Crypto

Our solution works with both fiat and cryptocurrency. Accept BTC, ETH, wires, checks, or any other appropriate method of payment.