OMX Tokens

A Revolutionary Platform for Token Sales

Initial Coin Offerings, also known as token generation events, are the fastest growing industry in the world, raising over $6 billion USD in 2017, the majority of which was unregulated. Since the U.S. Security and Exchange Commision (SEC) put the industry on notice in July 2017 with its opinion on the DAO token sale, most token sales have decided to block purchases from the United States in fear of prosecution. This has eroded confidence, slowed adoption, and deterred legitimate investors from investing in token sales. 

The team behind OMINEX has 4 years of compliances experience and is building a new platform that makes launching a compliant token sale easy and affordable. We believe tokenized business models are the future and should be made available to all entrepreneurs.

Our long-term plan is to make KYC free, enabling entrepreneurs to raise capital for blockchain based projects. We believe that a compliant platform with no fees will give us access to the greatest number of projects, which will only be selected based on stringent criteria. We are seeking funding to finish the necessary infrastructure to achieve our vision of a worldwide security token platform with free KYC. 

We have the compliance experience to successfully build a worldwide compliant token platform.  For more information about the benefits of participating in our token sale (for accredited investors only in U.S.) please contact our CEO on Linkedin.