About Us

OMINEX is a compliant token platform that offers a patent-pending STO solution and multi-channel token distribution.

We are a team of compliance professionals based in Salt Lake City, UT. Using OMINEX's software platform, companies can legally raise money under various regulations. Our team has a diverse background in technology, startups, and online marketing.  Our team has years of compliance experience as the team behind CrowdEngine, the #1 white label equity crowdfunding solution, and now we've built the most compliant ICO solution on the market based on real experience.

Jim Borzilleri

Jim is a co-founding member of the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) and a software-as-a-service (SaaS) expert who brings over 20 years of business development and executive management experience to his role as President of OMINEX.

Bryan Fox

Bryan is recognized as a sales and marketing leader and effective communicator, who delivers creative problem-solving solutions for organizational success. Guides individuals, teams and projects to organizational sales success and increased revenue.

Derek Page
Tech Support Manager

Derek oversees the Support department and brings several years of managerial, marketing, and technical experience to the table. Derek is also responsible for onboarding new clients and is known for his ability to help them complete their launch as efficiently as possible.

Dallin Ricks
Tech Support Agent

Prior to CrowdEngine, Dallin was a T2 advisor for Apple for over 5 years. He holds an award for being in the top 97% of the company for customer satisfaction. Dallin brings these skills to CrowdEngine to ensure our clients have a seamless experience with our product.

Kelsie Garcia
Quality Assurance

Kelsie has a passion for enhancing user experience. She is articulate and detail-oriented with the capability to troubleshoot complex software application problems. Her responsibilities include executing test cases and ensuring that our software meets the provided functional and non-functional requirements.


Jonathan Butler
Securities Attorney

Jonathan has focused on complex securities litigation, arbitration and regulation for over 20 years. He represents clients in a wide range of investment related matters. Jonathan advises clients on regulatory and legal compliance matters involving securities, alternative investments, crowdfunding, and cryptocurrency.

Marty Tate
Securities Attorney

Marty specializes in advising clients in securities law, crowdfunding, fintech, token sales, peer-to-peer lending, private equity, and fund formation and management. He is passionate about crowdfunding, fintech and private equity, and continues to play a national role in these ever-evolving areas of securities law.

Alessandro Lerro
Securities Attorney

Alessandro is an international expert of crowdfunding, and besides his consulting activity, is currently General Counsel and Manager of the EECA - European Equity Crowdfunding Association, a business association that collects more then 50 founding members from across 16 countries of the European Economic Space.

Jim Borzilleri with the authors of the JOBS Act, Sherwood Neiss and Jason Best, when
we were invited to present our technology at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.