Security Token Platform

Launch a compliant token sale.

Solution Overview

OMINEX is a complete token compliance and user management system that supports compliant tokens 
in the U.S and worldwide.      

We offer KYC/AML, Investor Accreditation, and document signing built around a compliance engine for 150 countries. 

Legal Support 
We work with an extensive network of securities attorneys who can provide offering documents if needed, but we aren't lawyers.  

Compliance Focused

Clients can raise funds worldwide with our KYC only product, and from U.S. investors with our SEC compliant Regulation D, S, A+ and CF solutions.  We've even created the Open Compliance Project to help contribute to the evolving worldwide regulatory framework.

Easy To Use

We make purchasing tokens as easy as shopping online, no longer do users need to cut and paste hash codes or follow an 8-page tutorial to complete a purchase (if they even finish!). OMINEX offers an easy to use interface with everything built-in so anyone can do it.

Why choose OMINEX?


OMINEX takes care of compliance so you don't have to and we also serve as a third party for record keeping. We can help you determine if your token is a utility or security and do it right.


OMINEX has a low setup fee and is building its own compliance division so we can offer our services at up
to 50% LESS than the competition.  We also offer 100% free document signing.


Our patent-pending compliance wallet has everything you need to be compliant, including KYC/AML, investor accreditation, and document signing.